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COSMETIC SURGERY INSTITUTE-MANILA, INC. is a training program in cosmetic surgery that aims to organize a group of experienced and dedicated surgeons who will set the standard of learning, training and practice in the art of cosmetic surgery.

Each of the seven founding members of CSI Manila has established a solid reputation in the highly specialized field of cosmetic surgery. The strong tie that binds them is their willingness to share their knowledge as mentors and trainers to fellow professionals.

They intend to make their collective expertise become a deep well of learning and understanding for aspiring practitioners, who wish to acquire their professional skills as cosmetic surgeons, which in the Philippines, and in the immediate Asia-Pacific region are currently only available through the institution.



To provide the highest quality of cosmetic surgey education to fellows-in-training; ensure premier care for every cosmetic surgery patient; and advance surgery as a sub-specialty, in strict adherence to global standards at all times.

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To become the undisputred leader among institutes of specialized learning in cosmetic surgery in the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to the engendering of dedicated Filipino CIS Fellows that are globally recognized as among the world's best.

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