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The Founders

The Founders

Dr. Samuel L. Malinit Jr, MD

More than a cosmetic surgeon, he is an artist and a student who realizes that his thirst for continuing knowledge can best be served by sharing his expertise and skills to fellow professionals by way of the Institute.

Dr. Raul B. Guanzon, MD

Vice President
Fellows in the Institute should find him a dedicateed and astute professional whose passion for excellence is evident not only in his body of works but in his everyday endeavors.

Dr. Roderick E. Yalung, MD

His fascination for continuing medical education and the surgeon’s high-tech gear persists, and it is no wonder that he brings to the Institute the passion for the latest and most modern techniques available in the world.

Dr. Joey E. Luat, MD

His personalized approach in his profession is not only unique but is also a source of inspiration to colleagues, students and patients alike.

Dr. Jun Adraneda, MD

Business Officer
His reputation for perfection is only matched by his desire to pass on his talent, not to mention his work ethic, to further professionalize and widen the availability of cosmetic surgery practitioners not only in the Philippines but in the region as well.

Dr. Leonardo Abogado, MD

With Dr. Abogado’s extensive formal experience as a teacher and clinician, and his enthusiasm to share his vast knowledge in the fields of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, CSI fellows should find in him a selfless leader and inspiration.

Dr. Peregrino Dela Cruz, MD

Training Director
Dr. Perry dela Cruz takes pride in his profession, but finds fulfillment in reaching out and giving more of himself to others. A full-fledged cosmetic surgeon, he is a teacher by heart and this is evident in his advocacy as a writer.


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